She’s worked with the world’s leading athletes on CTE Prevention and her Proprietary ‘Mind Over Injury’ Program 

Her theory is based on the principle that athletes are more prone to injury on the field when there is some significant event or distraction off the field. 


Her journey has taken her worldwide, from working with oil and gas companies, to a contractor working with military special forces running medical labs while in the United States Air Force and the Texas Air National Guard.  Dr. Que has worked with employees in wellness in Canada, Europe, North & South America, the Middle East, and more. She has worked with soldiers battling behavioral health issues that affected their performance, to corporate employees working in the middle east (Dubai, Kuwait, Iraq & Afghanistan).

Quinella Minix, best known as Dr. Que, is not your typical psychotherapist. She’s real, approachable and easy to talk to, offering her clients discretion, confidentiality, hope, safety and comfort. While everyone trains their body, Dr. Que helps you train your mind.

A World Leading CTE & TBI Expert


Quinella Minix, a.k.a. Dr. Que, is an accomplished psychotherapist with an expansive career. Her experience in the Air Force and the Texas Air National Guard, in combination with spending many years as a licensed mental health professional specializing in grief and loss, and a doctorate in counselor education from Texas Southern University, have laid the groundwork for an incredible individual who has persevered and triumphed, when others may have faltered.

Through her personal and professional experiences with CTE and TBI, her purpose is to optimize performance and decrease workplace injuries/fatalities. Her own experiences are why she wants to help families, athletes and companies value the importance of better understanding each other, while maintaining mental health.  Since her husband’s death, she has travelled around the world delivering her words of wisdom, and touching the lives of many. Her two standing-room-only speeches at conferences in South Africa have greatly inspired her to develop platforms to share her message and help transform lives.

She is currently penning “Eyes Don’t Lie”, which chronicles her journey of caring for her husband, as he suffered and ultimately passed from CTE.

Dr. Que focuses on the following related to CTE & TBI:

Prevention and identification of CTE & TBI

Being a caregiver for someone with CTE 

Knowing how to support people through the process by recognizing signs and symptoms

Knowing how to live daily when someone close is battling CTE 


Dr. Que speaks on a number of topics to some of the leading organizations in the world including:

Speaking Topics Include

Maximizing High Performance

Behavior Risk management


Self-improvement & Empowerment